Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Most of my stone carving tools

From left top: 

Big wood carving rasp that I've had for decades, my wonderful Trow &  Holden 1/2 pneumatic stone carver with three chisels, and the very important ear protection. 

Bottom right:

Peddinghaus hammer, chisel used for tile work (on of my favorite tools), small chisel, DeWalt angle grinder with diamond sanding blade.  Not show, a DeWalt air compressor to run the pneumatic carver, face masks (you definitely don't want to inhale limestone dust), and a cheap shop-vac used to blow the stone dust away. 

Most of these can be purchased from your local hardware store, the Trow & Holden can be ordered from Amazon or from the Trow & Holden site.

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