Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another limestone carving

This is an older piece (around 10 yrs).  All hand tools only, no grinders or pneumatic carvers.  What took me a couple weeks (on-and-off) I can punch out in a day with the Trow & Holden carver.

Limestone head (approx. 50 lbs)

Limestone carving

Playing around with some limestone blocks that were left over from some construction.  I'm using an angle grinder and a 1/2" Trow & Holden Type-B pneumatic stone carver.  Lots of fun though my hands ache and the angle grinder might be overheating.
 First unfinished piece (around 35 lbs)
 Rough out of the second (about 25 lbs)
 A little more work on the second, mainly with the angle grinder
Safety first!

Old Austin map from the Austin American Statesmen

Old Austin map from the Austin American Statesmen circa 1978-80.  It was an art contest sponsored by Milwood Homes.  The winner who was judged to have colored the poster the best would win $75 and have it published in the paper.  I won (yay!) and bought a bunch of old collectable coins with the winnings.  I have the original poster also buried somewhere in the garage.